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Tampa Housing Authority's Employee of the Month


  • Photo: Omar Gonzalez

    Omar Gonzalez

    Main Office
    July , 2019

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    Support Specialist Candid Cruz Gonzalez was selected for Employee of the Month. Candid, better known as “Omar”, has been a THA employee for three years. Omar started in the Assisted Housing Department as a Customer Service Representative. He has provided outstanding customer service by always going the extra mile to help clients. This is a valuable skill which caused him to be transitioned from Customer Service to Support Specialist in the Portability Department. Omar is the first point of contact for families porting into Tampa from all over the country. The families are often new to the area and are very fearful and concerned with the process. On many occasions, Omar has been identified by clients and co-workers for his knowledge, professionalism, patience, his demeanor in person and over the phone. Teamwork comes naturally for Omar; he is always at the forefront assisting the housing specialists with gathering portability intake applications, scheduling, briefing appointments, and availability to translate when asked. Considering Omar’s exceptional customer service skills and willingness to help others, he has earned the recognition for this month’s employee of the month.
  • Photo: Heriberto Velazquez

    Heriberto Velazquez

    Main Office
    June , 2019

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    Heriberto Velazquez (Eddie) has been part of the Tampa Housing Authority family since October 18, 1999, which as of this year makes him a THA employee for twenty years. Heriberto greets people with open arms ready to assist in any way possible. He truly goes above and beyond with his work and makes sure he does it right the first time. His sense of humor keeps the Preventative Maintenance team smiling and filled with laughter, which makes work a lot smoother and enjoyable. He routinely volunteers without hesitation for special projects. When you have an employee who helps willingly to make sure all tasks are complete, it makes the jobs easier. It is a joy and privilege to not only work with Heriberto but to have such a reliable and trustworthy person as part of the team.
  • Photo: Corina Bacon

    Corina Bacon

    Main Office
    June , 2019

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    The Assisted Housing Department has chosen VASH Housing Specialist Corinna Bacon for the recognition of Employee of the Month. During the seven years that she has been with the agency, Corinna has shown significant growth and development. She started with the agency in 2012 as a Support Specialist and was promoted to VASH Housing Counselor in 2016. Corinna has become an adept VASH Counselor, addressing the special needs of veterans and working closely with the VA staff. However, it is Corinna’s successful determination to learn and grow in her position that makes her stand-out. Faced with the challenges of utilizing File Vision and Yardi 7, Corinna was determined to master both, and improve her Quality Control (QC) score. With resolve and motivation, she increased her QC score such that she has consistently scored over 85% the past year and was recently recognized for having a 100% rating two consecutive months. At a recent monthly staff meeting, Corinna who doesn’t like to speak in public, shared her approach to improving her QC rate and stressed that “it can be done.” We would like to recognize her for her work ethic and the inspiration she brings to others.
  • Photo: Kevin Kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Main Office
    May , 2019

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    Kevin Kelly has been with the Tampa Housing Authority for over 5 years. Mr. Kelly is very prompt at the start of each day and has a great attendance record, he is reliable, always has a positive attitude and is a hard worker. Mr. Kelly has worked very hard in the last year to improve his case management skills. His competency is reflected in his work. Kevin continues to strive to improve his work performance. Mr. Kelly has a strong work ethic which is admired. He really cares about his job and the services he provides his clients. If he makes a mistake, he takes full responsibility; moreover, he does whatever is needed to make it right, while learning from each experience.
  • Photo: John Gutowski

    John Gutowski

    Robles Park Village
    April , 2019

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    John began learning carpentry at a young age; he was mentored by his father and uncle who were carpenters at the age of 11. By the time he was 18 John was installing tile flooring, marble and wood floors independently; he continued framing and interior trim work out of high school and built his own floor tiling business. John came to work for the Tampa Housing Authority on September 26, 2005, he was immediately assigned special carpentry, tile and trim projects where a higher level of expertise was needed. John remodeled the office for North Boulevard Homes and Portable previously located on West Main Street. More recently John installed a much needed office floor at Robles Park; he also built a community garden fence for the Resident Council and numerous handicap ramps and railing throughout the community. John’s willingness and eagerness to work where he is most needed the reason why he is this month’s Employee of the Month.
  • Photo: Sarah Jimenez

    Sarah Jimenez

    Main Office
    April , 2019

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    Sarah Jimenez has been with Tampa Housing Authority since March 2016 as a Support Specialist in the Assisted Housing department. Sarah is the “to go” person for Spanish translation. She does not mind putting her own work on halt, to assist other counselors who are not even on her team to assist with the translation. She understands that the needs to serve the families come first. Sarah takes her job seriously, and although she is not a fan of new changes, once she gets into her groove, she will pour her heart and effort to it. She will be one of the first to point out any discrepancies. On department events and fundraisers, Sarah is always ready to lend a hand. When a co-worker was out sick, she took the initiative to take over stuffing and mailing out hundreds of packets for that individual. On a recent department event, her colleagues in Assisted Housing picked her as “The Helping Hand Award” and “The Best Support Award”. While flattered and humbled by it, the usual outspoken Sarah was reduced to tears . Sarah Jimenez is an asset to the Tampa Housing Authority and deserving of the recognition for this month’s Employee of the Month.


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